Jumping Jonny

Illustrated by Patsy Allen

This is an amusing book of poems written by Glennyce Eckersley for children aged five and upwards. It will however, appeal to children of all ages ! A published author of many years and fifteen books, this is her first book for children. Originally most of these poems were written many years ago for three special little boys whilst living in Los Angeles.

Current additions to the book were inspired by her Granddaughter and my Grandson.

Jumping Jonny is published by Crimson Cloak and is available worldwide from many outlets including Waterstones on line, Amazon or directly from the publishers.

Jumping Jonny

Book Preview

Jumping Jonny

Jumping Jonny
A world away where skies are blue
I met a bouncing kangaroo
He bounced all day across the plain
And jumping Jonny was his name.
He nibbled leaves and pretty flowers
Whilst jumping through the merry hours
But sad to tell he had a plight
Poor Jonny’s problems start at night.
When snuggling down inside his bed
With woolly night cap on his head
Plus blue pyjamas warm and cosy
Jumping Jonny
He bought a fleecy sleeping suit
Which all his friends thought rather cute
But then, as feet are prone to do
They split the seams and poked right through.

My Friend

Jumping Jonny
I have a friend - now please don’t laugh 
For she’s a very tall giraffe
She does not live inside a zoo
Nor on the hills of Timbuktu
My goodness that would never do
But in my garden is a shed
With large roof windows for her head
So when the sky is bright and blue
You’ll see her pop her head right through!


Jumping Jonny
Now when it’s time to wake again 
She stands beneath my window pane
So happy we can go outside
I laugh as down her neck I slide


Alfie’s Dragon

Jumping Jonny
When sitting in his bed one night 
Poor Alfie had a dreadful fright
For in the corner by the stair

A dragon sat in Alfie’s chair.
Jumping Jonny
He grinned with teeth so large and yellow 
He really was a scary fellow
But Alfie did not find this funny
And shouted loudly for his mummy.
Jumping Jonny

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