Buzzbee In A Can

by Tom and Patsy Allen

This story began 28 years ago as a series of wordless vignettes in our first environmental books “The Rainbow Scarecrows”. Their message is even more significant today. We always wanted to progress these stories for children but never got the time.

As children loved Buzzbee the little duckling, we used him to continue the story about the environment, but in a fun way, rather than preaching to them.

Children can see they can do their bit as well, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

The story in short – a day in the life of a little duckling, his family and friends, they discover the hazards caused by litter and do their best to work together to solve them.

There is a lot for children to think about.

This is a gentle environmental book for younger children about their local environment and the world around them. It shows how small actions can lead to big improvements.

Children can download 3D colouring sheets.



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Main Characters


Buzzbee is a little duckling who thinks everything is fun, but he soon finds out that the environment can have lots of dangers. He is always looking for excitement but does not always think about things that can go wrong. He doesn’t mean to get himself or anyone else into trouble, but everyone loves his excitement so much that they just can’t help getting involved.


Marmaduke is a little older than Buzzbee and should be more sensible. He only has one eye but that isn’t going to stop him getting involved in mischief. He forgets that it is better to be safe than silly when playing. He tries to look after Buzzbee but often gets caught up in the excitement too.


Rosie is the sensible older sister who can be rather bossy. She tries to calm down the antics of her brothers Buzzbee and Marmaduke, but Buzzbee can get so excited and naughty. Sometimes she can get really fed up with both of them—even though she loves them both so much.


Sue is a tiny orphan shrew who lives with the duck family. She is Buzzbee’s best friend. She loves getting into trouble but loves getting out of it even more.


Alfie is a young otter who is Marmaduke’s best friend. Because he is very small, his brothers and sisters think he is not much fun. He loves playing with the ducklings and makes sure he gets involved in all their adventures, even though he sometimes gets scared.

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