Scruffy Book
Rainbow Treasure Book

The Rainbow Scarecrows

The Rainbow Scarecrows live in a magical world where anything can happen – and often does! They have a lot of fun and can always find time for music, adventure and parties.

It all started when the Scarecrows were brought to life by Owl to help look after the countryside. Owl had been concerned for a long time about how the weather and environment were changing and decided to take action. He got the help he needed when he chose seven very special Scarecrows.

The Rainbow Scarecrows themselves started life in a previous book of ours, “Strawberry Fair”, a story about little mice picking strawberries, but really had little to do with the environment. I really had a fondness for the Scarecrows, then one day, whilst working on different art project, I was stunned by a magnificent rainbow in the dark sky outside my window – there was one colour for each scarecrow and the “Rainbow Scarecrows” were born. Tom pointed out that the American Indians referred to a rainbow as a ‘Heaven of Flowers.’ They believed that every flower that died on earth became part of the rainbow.

The Scarecrows are not perfect, but they look after each other, the animals and the environment around them. On the end pages  of each book is a map so that children can see where the Scarecrows live.

These books have been been going for 28 years and still exchange hands regularly. The message is still there!

The Storm” was the first book, followed by “Scruffy“, Captain Scruffy“, “Zizz Cleans Up“, “Will-O’-The Wisp” and “Rainbow Treasure“.

Books Collection

The Storm Book

One night the peace of Acorn Woods is shattered as a violent storm rages. Luckily Owl and the Rainbow Scarecrows come to the rescue of their animal friends… but could they too be in danger ?

Scruffy Book

The little scarecrow, Scruffy, is lying in a ditch when he’s suddenly touched by a rainbow. He’s thrilled to come to life, but soon discovers that life is full of adventures and challenges when you’re a Rainbow Scarecrow.

Captain Scruffy

Scruffy, the smallest of the Rainbow Scarecrows, has a wonderful surprise for his birthday. It leads to an exciting adventure and a daring river rescue!

The Will-O' The Wisp

Scruffy gets a bad fright when he thinks he sees a ghost in the countryside. When the rest of the Sarecrows come across the scary figures, Owl investigates. All the animals work together to solve the problem.

Rainbow Treasure Book

Simon can’t play with his new friends because his mother has so little money to spend on luxuries like a bicycle and other things. When the Rainbow Scarecrows find out, they decide to use a little magic to help.

Zizz Cleans Up Book

Disaster strikes the river and the Rainbow Scarecrows don’t know what to do. But Zizz is wide awake for once and surprises everyone with his clever clean-up plan!

This is a gentle environmental book for younger children about their local environment and the world around them. It shows how small actions can lead to big improvements.

Book cover designed by Patsy Allen

Head for the hills is a warm and funny eyewitness account of 1960s Hollywood and some of its iconic stars.

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