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Sculpting for many major companies, Patsy has enjoyed huge international sales and exhibits her artwork and sculptures at galleries nationwide.

The children’s books which she co-wrote with her husband Tom, “The Rainbow Scarecrows,” sold more than a phenomenal 640,000 copies world-wide.

Patsy was commissioned by Gorton Monastery in Manchester to paint St Francis in recognition of his 800th anniversary.

Sky Television has featured Patsy’s Angels in their programme, “Real Lives – Angels.”


Patsy Allen Publication

I am currently working with “Crimson Cloak” – an American publishing company.

I have illustrated for the publishers Dents, Wiedenfield & Nicholson and Peter Haddock. I have also designed greeting cards and other materials for various companies and organisations.

Over the years, I have sculpted and designed for Royal Doulton, Clarecraft, Frith Sculpture, Cmielow, Regency Fine Art, Blue Poppy, Xystos and many private commissions.

I have exhibited my artwork in many parts of the UK and my work has sold throughout the world.

My illustrations were used on Sky TV for the titles of the programme “Real Lives – Angels.”

I was commissioned by Gorton Monastery in Manchester to paint the portrait of St Francis to celebrate The 800th Anniversary.

In the past, I have presented workshops with Artists In Schoos in the Northwest and conducted workshops with The National Trust and other organizations.

My Art

My art is more individual and less mainstream, as are people who like it. I want people to connect with it personally and to make their own interpretations of it. I feel that art says the things that we cannot put into words, it is more about communication and a means of provoking different mindsets.

My latest project is taking this a step further along the line. It involves a story on a wall, where it is possible to change the sequence of images to create individual stories, the artwork then becomes more personal. As a child, I lived for a time in Australia. I used to accompany my mother in her medical work with the Aborigines, their love of colour and story-telling had a great influence on my art. Often, a sense of humour comes out in my art.

My Latest Art


Buzzbee In A Can


All stories spring from other stories and then lead on to others.” Buzzbee in a Can”, came from a series of little vignettes which bordered each page of our last books, “The Rainbow Scarecrows”. The vignettes were separate from the main text and were aimed at non-readers, yet carried an environmental message for young children.


Jumping Jonny


This is an amusing book of poems written by Glennyce Eckersley for children aged five and upwards. It will however, appeal to children of all ages


That’s Love


The concept is really about the evolving love that families, friends and communities have for each other. It is presented in a fun way without over sentimentality.

Frith Sculpture Ltd – Blue Poppy Art

After sculpting for Frith many years ago, Patsy Allen has returned to us with these wonderful pair of Owls.

Pen Writing

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If you would like to commission me or purchase any of my artwork, including Giclee prints, please email me using the following form.

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