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By Patsy and Tom Allen

The little scarecrow, Scruffy, is lying in a ditch when he’s suddenly touched by a rainbow. He’s thrilled to come to life, but soon discovers that life is full of adventures and challenges when you’re Rainbow Scarecrow.

The Rainbow Scarecrows may seem like ordinary scarecrows but look closely and you might see one of them move. Brought to life by Owl and a touch of rainbow magic, they patrol the countryside and watch over its wild creatures.


Patsy Allen

Sculpting for many major companies, Patsy has enjoyed huge international sales and exhibits her artwork and sculptures at galleries nationwide. Their children’s books, “The Rainbow Scarecrows,” sold more than a phenomenal 640,000 copies world-wide

Patsy was commissioned by Gorton Monastery in Manchester to paint St Francis in recognition of his 800th Anniversary.

Sky Television has featured Patsy’s Angels in their programme, “Real Lives – Angels.”

Tom Allen

Tom was a teacher for over 30 years and, like Patsy, has always had a keen interest in the environment. He was the co-writer of the successful books, “The Rainbow Scarecrows.” He has been the writer for all Patsy’s projects, including the poetry for her “Celtic Dreams.”

We have always wanted to encourage children to appreciate the environment in a fun way.