Book Collection

The Storm - By Tom & Patsy Allen

One night the peace of Acorn Woods is shattered as a violent storm rages. Luckily Owl and the Rainbow Scarecrows come to the rescue of their animal friends... but could they too be in danger ?

Scruffy - By Tom & Patsy Allen

The little scarecrow, Scruffy, is lying in a ditch when he’s suddenly touched by a rainbow. He’s thrilled to come to life, but soon discovers that life is full of adventures and challenges when you’re a Rainbow Scarecrow.

Captain Scruffy - By Tom & Patsy Allen

Scruffy, the smallest of the Rainbow Scarecrows, has a wonderful surprise for his birthday. It leads to an exciting adventure and a daring river rescue!

The Will-O’-The-Wisp - By Tom & Patsy Allen

Scruffy gets a bad fright when he thinks he sees a ghost in the countryside. When the rest of the Sarecrows come across the scary figures, Owl investigates. All the animals work together to solve the problem.

Rainbow Treasures - By Tom & Patsy Allen

Simon can’t play with his new friends because his mother has so little money to spend on luxuries like a bicycle and other things. When the Rainbow Scarecrows find out, they decide to use a little magic to help.

Zizz Cleans Up - By Tom & Patsy Allen

Disaster strikes the river and the Rainbow Scarecrows don’t know what to do. But Zizz is wide awake for once and surprises everyone with his clever clean-up plan!

Buzzbee In A Can - By Tom & Patsy Allen

This is a gentle environmental book for younger children about their local environment and the world around them. It shows how small actions can lead to big improvements.


HEAD FOR THE HILLS - by Glennyce Eckersley

Book cover designed by Patsy Allen

Head for the hills is a warm and funny eyewitness account of 1960s Hollywood and some of its iconic stars.